My name is Robert Livingston...

I love programming and front-end development! I'm fluent in Javascript and many of the frameworks associated with it (AngularJS, React + Redux to name a couple). I'm also familiar with the MEAN Stack, creating APIs with Express/NodeJS, persisting with MongoDB, and using AngularJS for the front end. Extending out of Front-End Development, I'm familiar with Java, Python, and MySQL.

Aside from programming I'm a graphic designer, and know the Adobe Suite well. I'm a highly creative problem solver, and I want to put my skills to work for you!

Robert Second Chibi

My Portfolio

Below are a few examples of web applications that I have put together.

Wikipedia App Image

Wikipedia Viewer App

This app was built with Angular JS utilizing Wikipedia's API. The user can put any keyword into the search area and the app will return the top five articles associated with it. It also has the option to pull up a random article.

Twitch App Image

Twitch Streamers App

The Twitch Streamers App was built utilizing jQuery and Twitch's API. The app will load and display a predefined set of streamers and determine whether they are online, with what game they are playing, offline, or account closed.

Weather App Image

Current Weather App

This app utilizes the built-in Geolocation API along with the CurrentWeather API to show the user's city and temperature. It also has the ability to toggle between Fahrenheit and Celcius.

Mapquest App Image

Mapquest App

An AngularJS application using the MapQuest API to show directions from one city/state to another.

Quote App Image

Quote Generator App

An application using JavaScript to load a random quote from a predetermined set of quotes.

Madison Percussion Image

Madison Percussion Academy

A webpage I designed and developed for an indoor drumline group based out of Madison, AL. I utilized AngularJS with Angular's router. The main aspect of this site was to inform and collect information.


I would love the chance to talk with you about what I can offer! If you would like to plan a time to chat or get a copy of my resume, just fill out the form below and click send!